Admiral J

Q. ADMIRAL J, you are a hard man to catch up to. What’s up with you, how have you been?

A. Man I’m good; just been chillin’ doing my thang you know.

Q. Yo it’s been so long since we last caught up with you, thanks for the interview by the way, I know that you don’t do many, anyway would you please expand on that for the sake of the fans.

A. Expand on what exactly?

Q. On what’s been happening with you, really what’s up.

A. Alright money chill, chill. Look I’ve been busy writing and producing new stuff and serving all those dumb dumbs who still want to try me. You know I don’t get any pleasure out of it, but they are just like flies.

Q. Flies. What do you mean flies?

A. You know flies. Those little pests that can be anywhere else, but they are always bothering you, and they just keep at it, won’t go away, and won’t be satisfied until I kill them.

Q. Yeah I get it. So when was your last kill?

A. It will be in a few seconds if you keep asking those stupid questions.

Q. My bad. Let’s switch gears here.

A. Let’s.

Q. I’ve heard that your last project was going to be your last. Why? I thought that you were busy writing and producing and such. I know that you must have some awesome stuff that we would just love to hear.

A. First things first money, let’s get it right. I’ve got the goods and plenty of them; you know that, I’m just changing formats. I am concentrating on GODS’ work, my Gospel shows and I just don’t see any reason to complicate things.

Q. Complicate what. What’s so complicated about doing what you’ve always done; Admiral J mode for your Admiral J fans and just plain you for your Gospel fans?

A. Finally, a good question. Look man, people are getting confused. They don’t understand when you go both ways. I mean until I got saved I never cared what people thought, because people are gonna think and feel and say what they want to anyway; however, although I understand it, you understand it, there are some people in the Church, and the world who cannot understand that Admiral J goes to work, does his thing, and earns a living just like anybody else, just plain me as you put it, praises the Lord, makes praise and worship music, Ministers the Word, people hear it and get blessed; I mean I’ve been told that some of my words and music that GOD has given me has really been a comfort to many Souls. So before you ask it, let me just answer it, I know that my other songs are great, and that they make a lot of money, and that the people that hear and buy those are just as moved, but it’s not the same because they are the same people that Satan will use to try and cause confusion, he’s the author of it, and here’s the dilemma. Do I keep adding fuel to the fire, or do I make the sacrifice and walk away from it for the sake of those who don’t get the fact that music is music. I mean when I do a Gospel song it’s strictly Gospel. When I do a non-Gospel song it’s strictly Worldly. I never mixed the two, but again some people cannot deal with that so they just talk about things that they don’t understand. I write powerful love ballads, enjoy; I write serious party music, enjoy; my hip hop stuff, emceeing, movin’ the crowd, D Jayin’, etc., etc., enjoy, but no, I always have the Church saying I thought that he was SAVED, and at the same time(here is how Satan starts confusion), the world who enjoys the songs that I make are saying I told you that he’s not SAVED, talk about fickle, now they’re crying because I’ve stopped giving them what they want.

Q. I feel their pain. It’s hard to replace a legend. Now where are we going to get all of the different emotions and rhythms that we used to find in your grooves?

A. Just listen to my Gospel Tracks. Same devastating grooves, just a different kind of message.

Q. Yeah I know, I love it, but what about the fans, what about the good times that we had
as a result of enjoying your music, please don’t do this.

A. Hey man life goes on. Anyway name your favorite Admiral J song.

Q. That’s tough because I like them all, but if I have to name just one it would have to be Satisfy.

A. See you’re making my point. Great song, but how can I explain to those knuckle heads that it’s just a song, and enjoy, but don’t take everything literally, and stop trying to be me because although you love the song, you don’t know what I had to go through to be able to make that record.

Q. So we should just?

A. Everyone should just enjoy what GOD allowed me to give them and be thankful that they got a chance to feel me.

Q. But you’ve taken the songs off the market, we can’t even buy them online anymore, so what do you want to say to all of those people who still want to buy Admiral J music?

A. Try and find the JESPRITION FAITHFUL, or somebody else who has a copy and enjoy, or better yet go to and order my new GOSPEL CD, you still get me at my best, and as an added bonus, the more you listen, the more blessed you will be.

Q. Now that’s a win/win if I ever saw one.

A. I think so; it’s kind of hard to beat that.

Q. Speaking of wins, are you really going to let the winner of the Band Search open up for you live and in concert?

A. Definitely. The winner will get their chance to live their dream. Do their music, their way, in front of the JESPRITION FAITHFUL. Just think, that could be you so I would log on and click on that link, and fill out that entry form.

Q. Sounds like a plan.

A. It’s a no-brainer.

Q. Sweet. Well Admiral, it’s been a pleasure.

A. I know, but thanks.

Q. Before you take off, what about the legend?

A. What did I tell you …?

Q. I know, I know.great music and creativity are eternal so you’ve g…

A. So I’ve got this LEGEND thing on lock. ‘nuff said.