Welcome to Jesprition Records

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Welcome to Jesprition Records

You have finally found an innovative and creative record company!

We simply offer to the universe of Gospel music listeners, a style that is as rare
as the concept of our company.

We provide you the opportunity to experience musical recordings that actually
contain a unique concept; top quality lyrical content!

However, this site is not intended for everyone.

So if you are into the same old sound, the same boring beat with no message, an
insult to your intelligence that should have never been given a budget, please leave.

If you’re not, and you really love to praise GOD, and you desire to have your soul
inspired through song, then get ready to have your heart lifted to new heights, because
finally you’ve found what you’ve spent an eternity searching for.



    PRAISE THE LORD everybody. Don't forget to tune in to our radio ministry every 4th Sunday from 7-9 am on The Heat 100.9 fm. You can listen to present and past sermons anytime at Gospelforthegloryofjesus. Simply go to the website, and go to Pastor Joseph Bennett of the EFFECTUAL PRAISE APOSTOLIC CHURCH, and get ready to have your soul fed by the pure unadulterated word of GOD. BLESS THE LORD.






    People of GOD; Thank you for making our summer park Gospel Concert Series a rising success and for all of your love and support this summer. THE EFFECTUAL PRAISE APOSTOLIC CHURCH will be continuing to bring the community and Gospel music fans more opportunities to Praise our Savior all year, so stay tuned and logged in to receive all of the details.